August 2020

Howdy friends,

What a crazy time we have been suffering through these past few months with COVID-19 and if that wasn’t challenging enough add the social and political unrest many communities have been experiencing.

It seems like it has been ages since we took a group out for an enjoyable, relaxing, and fun trip. Since temporarily suspending operations in early March, we have needed to cancel 4 tours to date but are hopeful that we can resume traveling and enjoying time with you in the near future. As the country begins to open (& close) little by little, Bartlett Tours is monitoring situations particularly in the areas we are scheduled to visit. The conditions are certainly dynamic and we expect it to be that way for a period of time especially until a vaccine and therapies are readily available. If you have reserved space on one or more of our upcoming scheduled tours a sincere THANK YOU. Your support is greatly appreciated. When we are able to begin traveling once again, we will be implementing new general protocol measures to ensure the health and safety of each guest. Situations can change quickly so please be patient with us. Remember the well being and travel enjoyment of each guest is our paramount priority.

If you may be interested in participating in short local day trips let us know. Where would it be? We can certainly explore some of your ideas.

We wish you a terrific summer and pray for good health for you and your loved ones. As usual our next brochure will be printed and mailed the first week of September and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

By the way that is us in the center of the photo. Flash and River are the bookends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be safe and healthy until we meet again.

God Bless America

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