Life is a Journey not a Destination

This quote is often credited to Ralph Waldo Emerson and can be interpreted a number of ways. Bartlett Tours believes travel is a wonderful and simple way of living out this philosophy. We offer unique and exciting destinations which may draw our guests to a specific tour, but usually they find the journey as the most memorable part of the trip. Just as in life it is what we experience on the way to the destination, the friendships we develop, the things we learn, and the reactions we see, hear and feel are what we remember most. So travel is a microcosm of life itself. The journey will help keep us young and engaged and motivated to desire more. So let’s ‘Live in the Moment.’ The past is gone, the future isn’t here yet, and the present moment is all we have. Review the many tours we are featuring and be surprised by the lasting enjoyment of the journey to any of our exciting destinations.

Mike & Leeann
Bartlett Tours


37 guests who just returned from a terrific Tropical Costa Rica Tour.
Wish you could have joined us.

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