We are all saying goodbye to a very challenging year and hoping for a brighter 2021. As you probably know we needed to suspend operations and cancel all our tours from March 2020 up through April 2021 including some that would have been shown in the Fall 2020 brochure. Now that vaccines are becoming available, we feel more optimistic about once again planning and offering tours, but recognize it will probably be late summer before we can travel again safely with a group. The tours that are listed on the website and in our latest brochure are a mix of tours that were cancelled and rescheduled (some multiple times) and new tours. As the vaccines begin to reduce infections levels, we are hopeful that this will allow properties, restaurants, attractions, etc. to open up and we can begin to enjoy traveling with a group once again. Look over the list of tours and we hope you will join us on one or two. If we have learned nothing else over the past months I think the following quote from an author I do not know sums it up well;

“Enjoy life today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come”

God Bless.  

It’s  the Experience

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