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July 2017

WIN $250

We are excited to announce a contest to guess where we will be visiting on our upcoming Mystery Tour in March 2018. We currently have 36 adventurous spirits that have reserved space for this first ever Bartlett Mystery Tour.  

I’m frequently asked where the upcoming Mystery Tour is going. Each will always assure me that they will not share this information with anyone. However, with all the challenges even our various US Intelligence Services has keeping secrets, I wouldn’t want anyone to carry the burden of keeping secret the destination(s) for the upcoming March 2018 Mystery Tour. We are establishing a simple contest to guess the two main states this Mystery Tour will be visiting. The states may or may not be adjacent to one another. To qualify as one of the main states, the tour group will spend at least 2 full days in each of these states and not just a state that we transfer through. The contest will begin on August 1, 2017, and will close at midnight February 28, 2018.



  • Both of the main states that will be toured on this trip must be selected and only 2 states can be selected. The main states are the two we will spend at least 2 full days touring.
  • All entries must come through the Bartlett Tours website (www.BartlettTours.com).
  • To qualify as a contestant, one must have been a past guest on at least 1 (one) Bartlett Tour or have a paid reservation on an upcoming tour.
  • Only one entry per household is permitted. If multiple entries are received by the same household only the first entry will be eligible.
  • There will be one winner only. In the case that several entries correctly select the two states, the names of those contestants that correctly selected both of the states will be placed in a hat and a single winner will be randomly drawn.
  • If the winning contestant happens to be a guest on the Mystery Tour, their prize will be a $250.00  USD voucher toward their next Bartlett Tour.
  • If the winning contestant is not a guest on the Mystery Tour, they will receive a $100.00 USD voucher toward their next Bartlett Tour.
  • The winning voucher is not transferable and will have no cash value. The winner will be announced and awarded the week following our return from the Mystery Tour and the voucher will expire 24 months after it is awarded.
  • The winner (with their consent) will be featured on our website with their photo for some period of time TBD.                                      


  • Go to www.BartlettTours.com and select the Mystery Tour Contest tab at the top of the page
  • Sign in with your name and email address, list the two states, and hit send


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Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404


Email  Mike@BartlettTours.com


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